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Empower your well-being! Don't wait for symptoms

Empower yourself with our two-part comprehensive health screening. This includes consultations, blood work, expert interpretations by our qualified clinicians, and personalised health improvement plans. 

Don’t wait for symptoms to arise; take proactive control of your health with our screening package.

What's Included

1-to-1 Consultation

Blood Pressure Check

Quality of Sleep Assessment

Heart Rate Check

Diet & Nutritional Evaluation

Comprehensive Blood Tests*

Oxygen Levels Check

Stress Level & Fatigue Assessment

*Comprehensive Blood Test

Full Blood Count

Vitamin D Levels Check

Folate Levels Check

HbA1c - Diabetes Check

Vitamin B12 Levels Check

Liver Function Tests

Cholesterol Panel

Iron Levels Check

Kidney Function Tests

Second appointment

  • Scheduled approximately 7 days later to await the return of blood test results
  • Detailed interpretation and explanation of blood results with a clinician
  • Comprehensive health & wellness plan tailored to your needs

The Health Screening Package includes Consultation, Medical Assessment, Blood Tests, Result Interpretations & Explanation, and a Personalised Health Plan. 

Why Choose Healand

Exceptional Multidisciplinary Care

At Healand Clinic, our treatments are not just about one expert; we boast a comprehensive team of Senior Medical, Nursing, Psychotherapists, and other Allied Health Professionals. This ensures that every aspect of your health is considered, offering a holistic and thorough approach to your care.

Innovative Therapeutic Approaches

Embrace the future of healthcare with Healand Clinic's cutting-edge therapies. Designed to restore and enhance both form and function, our innovative treatments are at the forefront of medical advancement, ensuring you receive the most contemporary and effective care available.

Personalized Consultations

Your health journey is unique, and we recognize its importance. We ensure that before any treatment, you undergo a detailed consultation, either in person or via video. This step ensures that all treatments are perfectly tailored to your needs, and every concern you might have is addressed by our expert team.



Jan Hollis


Can highly recommend Backshinder. She put me at ease from the beginning. She explained my treatment well and talked me through my options. She is very friendly and I felt no pressure from her. She listens and genuinely seems to want the best for you. Thank you B x

Thank you!!

Nomar Qaisar

The work that Dr Omar has done on me is completely mind blowing. I was recently involved in a car accident, which gave me serious pain issues in the lower back, which gave severe mobility issues. After the consultation with Dr Omar, he applied ozone treatment directly onto the affected areas.

It is very hard to explain to people how profound the effect was. Within 2 hours, the pain was completely gone and my mobility returned. To put this into some perspective, before the treatment, I couldn’t even touch my knees. After the treatment, I was able to touch my toes for the first time in 2 weeks!

Thank you very much Dr Omar, amazing work. Will recommend this clinic to everyone as I know it works.

Rafiya Shaikh


Having been through months of fatigue, low energy, I took the opportunity of taking up the NAD+ after some contemplation and it has more than delivered! I’m now in the gym early hours, far more active, far more energy, better skin and overall very positive!
We booked in the infusions as group sessions with the girls, which was an added lovely luxury wellness experience too. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Empower your well-being!

The Health Screening Package includes Consultation, Medical Assessment, Blood Tests, Result Interpretations & Explanation, and a Personalised Health Plan. 

About Healand Clinic

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Healand Clinic, located in Leicester’s heart, epitomizes clinical excellence and dedicated care. Led by Dr. Omar Babar, the clinic’s team of expert clinicians collaborates with psychotherapists and Allied Health Professionals, ensuring comprehensive consultations and treatments for optimal patient well-being.

The clinic prioritizes cutting-edge therapies to provide patients with the latest effective treatments. Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient’s healthcare journey, the clinic ensures thorough consultations, either in-person or online. This dedication guarantees tailored treatments and addresses all concerns, ensuring patients are well-informed and at ease before starting their treatment.

The Team

Dr Omar Babar
Medical Director of Healand Clinic
Gulsah Gokce
Nurse Practitioner
Backshinder Mattu
Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner



We prioritise your overall health through personalised weight management programs. Our clinic provides clinically proven treatments to effectively support weight management.


Our bio-enhancement therapies target your physical and mental wellbeing, which in turn help with spiritual upliftment. Our therapies will always be innovative and evidence based.


Healand Clinic offers a range of aesthetic treatments to help you look your best. All of our treatments are safe and administered by fully-trained clinicians.

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1A Salisbury Road, Leicester, LE1 7QR

Healand Clinic Health Screening & Blood Tests

Don't wait for symptoms

Health Screening Package includes Consultation, Medical Assessment, Blood Tests, Result Interpretations & Explanation, and Personalised Health Plan.